The Dockworkers Union of Thessaloniki port Authority was founded in 1919 and is the first Association created in Greece.

Dockworkers Union of Thessaloniki Port Authority
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Dockers union of the Port of Thessaloniki was founded in 1914 when the Greek Government, with a special law established a free zone in the Port as a section for the Commerce and Industry, in 1923 when the Port of Thessaloniki was founded as a Legal Entity of Public Low called
'' Guardianship of free zone'' of Thessaloniki.
It was a constitute of different unions of  dockworkers operating by that time in  the port of Thessaloniki It was a different union dockworkers unions operating by then the port of Thessaloniki. It is characteristic that the Dockers  were and remained separated for many years according to the type of their work, assistant, and freelance,pemanent. Unions that controlled the port workers, according on their work and loads were as follows:

-Hull steamboat port workers
-Freeport-Port Workers
-Coal Hull Workers
-Land- Coal Workers
-Fish Workers
-Timber-Port Workers
-Port Workers-bearer Customs Service
-Port Workers-bearer service Thessaloniki's Port Authority

Today, the Port Workers Unions representing 145 members (with links Foreman & Markers) and administrative consist of the 9-member Board, the 3-member Audit Committee and the supreme authority is the General Assembly of members.
Under the coordination of associations and union boards of the workers, the Association of Port Workers union is like a primary member of the  Federation Laoders and Unloaders of Greece and the Trade union center of Thessaloniki.
In European and international level, is a member of the International Dockworkers Council (IDC) and is represented by the Federation Loaders and Unloaders of Greece .


The union Dockers Thessaloniki Port Authority was established by 178/1919 decision of the Court of Thessaloniki, was written in the books Associations with number 172/213 and amended by the Minister by.1156/1950, 48/1972 and 890/1983 decisions of First Instance of Thessaloniki and the Ministry number. 30512/2001 decision of the First Instance Court of Thessaloniki as decoded by the General Assembly decision of 03.03.2002.


  • Constantine Moumkas -President
  • George Kafantaris - Vice President
  •  Alexander Nikoglou - General Secretary
  • Thanasis Tsagarakis - Treasurer
  • John Aslanidis-Member
  • Emmanuel Grammatis- Member
  • Theodoros Anteras- Member
  • Nick Ramos - Member
  • Alexander Sofianakos- Member